Lacey, WA (PRWEB) March 08, 2019 /PRNewsWire-PRWeb/ — iSign International, Inc., a US-based cybersecurity solutions provider, and SoftPoint, a US-based provider of cloud-based technology solutions, are pleased to announce that they are working together to revolutionize digital payments with the launch of qkerPAY, a secure unhackable digital wallet.

The qkerPAY digital wallet is a secure way for consumers and businesses to make payments, both online and offline. Numerous studies, including a recent Gallup survey, have cited security concerns as the number one reason for people not adopting the use of digital payments. qkerPAY eliminates security risks with its ground-breaking patented and patent-pending technology. iSign’s distributed and centralized blockchain system with 6-Factor Authentication makes hacking into the qkerPAY wallet impossible. qkerPAY’s patent-pending Actionable QR and patented payment token means payments are quick and simple with no vulnerable credit card information ever transmitted.

“Combining SoftPoint technology and distribution with iSign’s 6-Factor Authentication, which leverages biometric signature and iSign’s patented Dynamic PKI Encrypted Communication where PKI Key pairs change for each message, makes the qkerPAY digital wallet impenetrable, frictionless, and easy-to-use,” stated iSign CTO Thien Pham.

“Data breaches are on the rise for all businesses. Thus, any institution that collects or processes data today is vulnerable and exposed from a financial and reputational risk concern within this new era of escalating data integrity threats. Given the current environment and through world-wide expertise, technological leadership, and forward thinking security concerns there is a multiplier effect with our strategic partnership with iSign International to combat these fiduciary responsibilities. Most industries currently operate with outdated, costly, legacy systems, within unsecure environments and disconnected platforms. Overall, qkerPAY is a huge advancement in the evolution of digital payments. Not only is it secure and easy-to-use, qkerPAY, with its Actionable QR code, will be available online on e-commerce websites and offline at bank ATMs and retailers, including the 1000s of retailers that already use SoftPoint solutions,” said Chris Rivadalla, Co-founder at SoftPoint.

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About SoftPoint
SoftPoint’s integrated middleware ecosystem provides businesses a single platform for management and processes within multiple areas. This cloud-based patented technology fills a void in the world market that it leverages to eliminate exposure to fraudulent charge backs while upgrading current transaction cost and ultimately streamlining operational workflow efficiencies. This Scottsdale-based company offers valuable technology typically only accessible to large corporations to merchants and businesses of all sizes. For more information, visit

About iSign International
iSign International Inc. is a private Texas corporation which has developed an original cybersecurity technology combining biometric signature recognition and projection, innovative device pairing, PKI encryption, GPS localization and univocal computer generated transactional password. iSign technology, covered by several patent pending claims, constitutes a game-changing approach as it renders hacking virtually impossible. For more information, visit

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