Executive Team

Our executive team is comprised of savvy business leaders and security industry experts, bringing years of experience together to create security solutions that work.


Gerard Munera

Gerard Munera is a seasoned top executive with extensive knowledge of working environments in North and South America, Australia, Africa, and Europe. He has over 50 years of experienced in all areas of management, including finance, sales/marketing, engineering and operations; with proven record in building up and motivating management teams, developing new businesses, and planning and implementing major restructurings and turn-arounds.

Wayne Taylor

Wayne Taylor previously was in charge of HSBC Retail Small Business, including Special Assets. Wayne oversaw the Canadian business unit, which employed over 750 people and generated loan outstanding of $2 billion. His current company, BSI Arizona, LLC has been very successful in raising all forms of debt and equity capital across a variety of businesses.

Thien Pham

Mr. Thien Pham has over 15 years of experience in healthcare and digital security. Mr. Pham developed an electronic presecription platform in 1999 that allows physicians to securely write electronic prescription and automatically sent to patient's pharmacy of choice; which was early for its time. He successfully sold the platform to a public company. Mr. Pham then joined the public company to further expand its products and services. Mr. Pham also created electronic medical record system, UMedical, approved by the Washington State Board of Pharmacy.

Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson has over 13 years of marketing and software sales experience. Mr. Jackson is responsible for creating the national/international marketing and channel development programs for Savant Software’s WMS, Shipping Manifest and Mobile Application solution stacks. He also manages the day to day activities of the company’s sales and marketing, customer interface, direct sales responsibilities, independent resellers and OEM relationships worldwide.


Our team of cybersecurity professionals is dedicated to investigating and mitigating some of the most sophisticated attacks in the world. We rely on our team of security experts, technologists and engineers to maintain order in the digital world, protecting the critical infrastructure, sensitive data and network security of major corporations, governments and organizations around the globe.


Dr. Gail-Joon Ahn

  • World-renowned expert in digital security management
  • Led development of GFS Technology's proprietary technology
  • Named a Fulton Entrepreneurial Professor at Arizona State University
  • Led projects funded by Bank of America, the Department of Energy
  • Expert in identity management, vulnerability assessment and security architecture for distributed systems

Dr. Alvin Rohrs

  • Over 34 years of experience as CEO of Enactus
  • Shaped a global entrepreneurial initiative that stretches more than 35 countries, 1,710+ university programs, 69,000+ students, and 550 corporate partners.

Dr. Ziming Zhao

Expert in design and implementation of secure systems for: attack mitigations, cybercrime & threat intel analysis, understanding structure of underground communities and economy and ecosystem of cybercrime, finding vulnerabilities in authentication and payment systems, and designing novel firewall and intrusion response systems for emerging software-defined networks