iSign® Threat Assessment

iSign® Threat Assessment is a managed service that prioritizes alerts, uncovers new threats, and accelerates investigations alongside your own security professionals. Staffed by a dedicated team of seasoned threat experts, iSign keeps watch over your organization’s environment, alerting your team to emerging threats and providing access to critical security services when you need them most.

iSign® Defense Consulting

iSign® security experts will help you improve and customize your defense capabilities to prevent more attacks and respond faster to security incidents. Learn how to optimize your defense with best-practice methodologies to enable advanced security policies, threat accessment, triaging of alerts, and responding to events that drive the greatest impact to your organization.

iSign Defense Consulting enhances your security posture through these key activities:

• Elevate your organizational security posture with our enhanced defense policies to iron box your cyber-ecosystem. Create custom hardened security policies to match the needs, uses cases, and threats that face your specific environment.

• Learn how to recognize theats and discover how to create accurate, in-depth detection and monitoring of the kill chain – to defend your organization against the attack vectors that actors can leverage when attempting to compromise your environment.

• Optimize defense capabilities to gain visibility into the most impactful events to your organization. Learn rapid response techniques to contain and minimize damage from attacks.