Patient Self Check-in System

Automate the process. Eliminate the wait.

Quick Registration
Cuts down on wait time to see the doctor

Color Coded Wait Times
Reminds staff of patient wait times

iSign’s iCheckIn™ is easy to use. Patients from elderly to young are able to check themselves into clinics and hospitals in advance of seeing the doctor. This allows the staff to quickly find the patient’s files in the network system and process the visit in a far more efficient process.

A great feature of iCheckIn™ is the color-coded wait-time thresholds that will email and send SMS alerts to designated hospital staff notifying them that patients have been waiting an “x” number of minutes. These alerts assure the staff is able to respond quickly to patients’ needs.

Checkin’s features allow monitoring of each patient, based on hours, to further reduce wait times.

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Why We’re Different

iSign’s patented End-to-End Dynamic PKI Encrypted Communication
with 6-Factor Authentication.

Mobile Access for Next Visit
Patient can use mobile phone to make appointment

Encrypted Data
iSign’s proprietary 6-Factor authentication