LACEY, WA December 21, 2017 – iSign International, Inc. and Peacey Systems have signed a strategic reseller agreement under which Peacey Systems will sell and implement iSign’s suite of proprietary digital security solutions in the hotel industry. Trusted by clients at over 22,000 sites, Peacey Systems has an outstanding track record of top quality service and for quickly implementing new technologies.In recent years, numerous hotels have reported credit card information stolen from back-end servers and point-of-sale (POS) terminals. Furthermore, hackers have infiltrated hotel guest Wi-Fi networks to launch malware attacks. To protect hotels and their guests, iSign and Peacey Systems will work together to provide the full iSign digital security solution stack to ensure hotel computer servers, computers, Internet of Things (IoT) and Wi-Fi-enabled devices are fully protected from external and internal attacks. Hotels will be able to protect their computer servers from malicious cyber attacks by installing iSecure Protector – Server Edition. Hotel guests will be able to protect themselves from hackers by using iSecure Protector for PCs when they connect to the hotel Wi-Fi. Guests’ IoT device will also be protected by using iSmart Guard and iSmart Guard Mobile.

Everyday, 1000s of cyber attacks are unleashed. Consumer and corporate data are in jeopardy. Public Wi-Fi networks are being used to steal unsuspecting users’ personal data. Companies are tracking users on the Web to collect information for marketing purposes. With iSecure Protector for PCs, users can block companies from gathering their personal data and also block all incoming connections to their PCs. Users are able to quickly manage outbound data flow by only allowing access to authorized entities. To protect Internet of Things and Wi-Fi enabled devices, iSign offers iSmart Guard, a personal Wi-Fi router that blocks all incoming connections and gives users the ability to manage outbound data flow by restricting it to specific entities. iSign also offers iSmart Guard Mobile which allows users to carry a battery-powered iSmart Guard with them wherever they go protecting them with the same technology as iSmart Guard. iSmart Guard Mobile can quickly attach itself to public Wi-Fi networks to give users full digital security protection. “We are excited to partner with Peacey Systems to bring hotels and their guests a ground-breaking digital security suite of products and services. Hotels are protected from potentially damaging malicious cyber attacks while at the same time hotel guests are given peace of mind that their personal devices are safe from hackers,” stated Wayne Taylor, iSign’s Chief Executive Officer. “The problem network service providers using our our call center and network operations service 24×7 is offering clear threat visibility to Hotel ownership in real time. Hotel ownership groups who can be shown a clear real time cyber threat to their Hotel networks quickly adopt iSign 5 layer authentication, for that reason we are please to be named the Hospitality distributor for iSign International,” stated Richard Peacey, Peacey Systems’ Chief Executive Officer.

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