LACEY, Wash. March 21, 2017 – This week iSign International Inc. (iSign), an international digital communication company dedicated to developing solutions to help individuals achieve greater autonomy over their communication channels, officially released uSignIn 2.0, an integrated email and communication platform that protects every user’s communication from hacking and theft. iSign is the only company today that incorporates 100 percent biometric authentication to eliminate the need to remember passwords and incorporates end-to-end dynamic Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in every communication messages whereby the key pairs are constantly changing each time a message is sent or received.

uSignIn 2.0 incorporates:

iMail/Spam Assassin features allow access only to authorized domains
eChat features biometrically protected untraceable chat messaging
eCloud features a centralized encrypted file sharing with permissions
eDoc features dynamic and interactive electronic document signing with Geo-based signature and integrated payment processing

“Hackers are getting more sophisticated by the minute today, which means people need to add security to their email channels to stay protected,” said Dr. Gail-Joon Ahn, Director, Center for Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics (CDF), Arizona State University.

Ahn continues, “Leveraging dynamic PKI for secure communications and signature dynamics for biometric-based authentication can tremendously reduce potential cyber incidents. iSign delivers pioneering, ground-breaking solutions by proactively detecting and preventing cyber threats with such brilliant and practical approaches.”

“We’ve solved the problem by creating an adept spam blocking algorithm that scans the networks of iMail servers to create a universal blacklist.” said Thien Pham, Chief Technology Officer at iSign.

uSignIn members will have full control over spam blocking by clicking the Block Sender button on each email to permanently block the spam emails from coming through. Additionally, the platform will come with eChat, enabling users to chat with anyone who has an email address or cellphone.

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