Lacey, WA (PRWEB) October 16, 2017 — iSign International Inc. is proud to announce that Al Holloway CEO of The Independent Physicians Association of America accepted to join its Advisory Board.The Independent Physicians Association of America’s (TIPAA) membership includes 647 Chapters and over 330,000 physicians.. Mr Holloway has joined the Advisory Board of iSign International to leverage his broad experience in health care and to assist iSign International with the delivery of their products to his members and the health care community.

Al Holloway commenting on the partnerships. The invitation to join iSign’s Advisory Board is an honor and tremendously exciting. The Company is already an innovative leader in cybersecurity, use of biometric signature recognition, secure electronic document management, and patient check-in. The company’s software applications are currently installed in hospitals and physician offices and will significantly benefit the health care industry by providing easy to use cybersecurity tools and applications needed to protect health care records and meet privacy requirements mandated by HIPPA . I was impressed with company’s cybersecurity tools ease of use, map view of computers connecting to a corporate network and ability to stop all unauthorized access with a click of the mouse.

The ability to provide individuals and companies the ability to immediately choose who is allowed into their computers will insure patients personal right to privacy. Isign’s cybersecurity and software solutions are needed in the health care industry and has been looking for,” said Mr. Holloway. Commenting on the partnership, Gerard Munera, the Chairman of iSign International Inc. said, “We are thrilled that Al Holloway is going to contribute to our company. His national network of trusted physicians and relationships that he has established over the years is quite remarkable and will help us protect sensitive health care records. iSign International Inc. is a private Texas corporation which has developed an original cyber security technology combining biometric signature recognition and projection, innovative devices pairing, PKI encryption, GPS localization and univocal computer generated transactional password. iSign believes that its technology, which is covered by several patent pending claims, constitutes a game changing approach as it renders hacking practically impossible.

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