Lacey, WA (PRWEB) August 26, 2017 — Yavapai Regional Medical Center implements iSign International’s iCheckIn patient self-check in to increase efficiency and provide superior patient services.iCheckIn is a self-check in service that offers patient the ability to check in using a tablet kiosk that is simple to use. iCheckIn comes in 10.1″ and 18.4″ kiosk that is mounted on the wall or can be a standalone on the receptionist’s desk. iCheckIn also provides tablets for volunteers who can use it to assist patients in the check process. With a simple to use management control panel, staff can quickly access all check ins, print reports, and customize the kiosk. At the core of iCheckIn is iSign’s End-to-End Dynamic PKI protected communication to protect patient’s information during transit and Artificial Intelligence that analyzes data to provide analytics. Hospital management can use the analytical data to better manage staff needs and improve patient service.

“iCheckIn is easy to use, our patients from elderly to young are able to check themselves in by entering their first and last names and select the reason they are here. Once patients are checked in, we can see their wait time. A great feature of iCheckIn is that it has color coded wait time threshold that will email and send SMS alerts to designated hospital staff that patients have been waiting an “x” number of minutes of our choosing. By getting these alerts, our hospital is able to respond quickly to our patients’ needs and make their visit as smooth as possible. We have also been able to monitor our patient volumes based on hours. This has allowed us to pre-register scheduled patients during these busy hours to further reduce our wait times,” said Jason Metcalf, Director of Revenue Cycle Services YRMC.

“During the installation process of iCheckIn for Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC), we listened to the staff’s requests and were able to make modifications to our existing iCheckIn to better serve YRMC. We are happy to make the necessary changes to our modular platform so that YRMC is highly efficient and provide the highest level of customer service,” said Thien Pham, Chief Technology Officer of iSign.

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