“iCheckIn is easy to use. Our patients from elderly to young are able to check themselves in. A great feature of iCheckIn is that it has color-coded wait time thresholds that will email and send SMS alerts to designated hospital staff notifying them that patients have been waiting an “x” number of minutes of our choosing.

By getting these alerts, our hospital is able to respond quickly to our patients’ needs and make their visit as smooth as possible. We have also been able to monitor our patient volumes based on hours. This has allowed us to pre-register scheduled patients during these busy hours to further reduce our wait times.”

The iSign team has an uncommon ability to understand and go beyond the customer needs and perform the work to architect a solution that meets the requirements in a cost-effective manner. Unlike many partnerships, the iSign team didn’t flinch when, at the 11th hour, things changed. Going above and beyond would be a gross understatement of their commitment to get it right for the sake of a successful project and go live.”